Attracting customers requires new forms of advertising, digital marketing and audiovisual technology. The commercial sector is perhaps one of the most dynamic and attractive environments to implement different technology solutions. Having the necessary structure to incorporate networks, audiovisual systems (such as new transparent screens) and multimedia content is a recurring topic in this industry whose purpose is to boost sores, boutiques and markets.



Distributed audio

Music can lead to sales, it has been proven. Audio is essential to achieve sales success. A distributed audio system is already a must in a small or department store. Today it is possible to own the technology that allows to choose music or control volume from an intuitive app for mobile devices.


In most stores there is a high turnover, reason why integration systems and their automation have to be intuitive and simple as possible. This will allow anyone to quickly understand the overall technological concept developed in the commercial area. The Installation of wall keypads or a touch screen usually gives very good results.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an extension of digital marketing. Digital signage is the content that combines relevant information with text, images, videos and offers, from an interactive platform. Visual impact becomes a buying factor. Today it is possible to have digital signage based on just a few displays, HD dynamic contents and robust video distribution.


Having a surveillance camera or CCTV system inside and outside a store is a priority. The cameras can be monitored from any mobile device with Internet even from across the world. Some of them can send notifications of non-authorized access to the owner, manager or private security company.

Distributed Video

Restaurants, bars and other spaces commonly called “clubs” are another type of areas that must be equipped with the best technology: High-fidelity and powerful audio and appropriate distribution of HD video.