Thanks to innovative technologies, now it is possible to integrate audio, video, security and control in highly demanding corporate environments; from boardrooms, war rooms, auditoriums or huddle rooms. These are the places in which it is possible to install videoconferencing platforms, telepresence and powerful collaboration and unified communication systems that determine new standards of productivity and efficiency of modern businesses.

Such productivity mainly depends on the efficient use of resources, technological solutions and AV systems available to personnel.




A corporate auditorium is useful when people use it in an efficient and attractive manner. Through proper automation planning (automation), it is possible to recreate a room with leading edge audiovisual system, comfortable armchairs and seats, perfect isoptic and acoustic and all the desired connectivity imagined with a for 30 and up to 300 people.

Access control

Knowing who enters and leaves the building is very important in maintaining people and property safe. Access controls throughout magnetic cards or biometric records (fingerprints or eye iris) become a tool to avoid theft and intrusion to unauthorized zones.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are a tendency now; small spaces for quick meetings that have connectivity with high- speed wireless networks and audiovisual systems for efficient collaboration between 3 or 4 company executives.

Boardrooms booking and scheduling

Now it is feasible to have a booking system for boardrooms thanks to a system that schedule physical occupation of each room, through touch screens visible to everyone using business management programs such as Microsoft Exchange.


The chances of having a ‘connected company” reveal examples of extreme efficiency such as the boardrooms with many resources, AV systems and projectors where managers can make presentations from their iPad to multiple interactive touch screens in order to communicate with their colleagues in the room or with those who are connected thousands of kilometers away.

Collaboration rooms

When brainstorming requires the presence of more people in a room, it can be equipped with audio and video conferencing systems, stunning telepresence systems and all hardware and software tools for people to share any content from their own mobile devices (BYOD concept -Bring Your Own Device) to displays and servers where all the content will be shared with the touch of a button.