The three levels of government are candidates for the rational and efficient use of new technologies. System integration enables new forms of collaboration and communication with robust security systems within these building premises.




Many government agencies require an adequate auditorium equipment. (Lighting, networking, audio and video). It is also common to employ local communication systems so that people can be informed of local activities onsite or remotely.


Parliamentary and council meetings require modern audiovisual systems that incorporate sophisticated voting equipment and a maximum clarity in internal communication. In addition, some of their jobs require webcast or television for citizens to witness the job of their representatives, this implies a new network infrastructure and signal distribution that must be installed and integrated with high professional standards.

Control Rooms

These rooms are becoming more relevant for operations and maintenance personnel. In fact, they become the favorite spot for professionals in the IT area. It is from there that staff is able to see firsthand the general behavior of all building technologies: Networks, energy, security, lighting, audio, video and more. The correct implementation of infrastructure is essential to achieve the desired results.

Collaboration rooms

A boardroom seems like an old idea. A table, a projector and a flip chart are not enough. Today it is necessary to provide spaces where people can connect to the Internet, interact with each other through a high – speed network, display one or multiple presentations simultaneously in various displays and share content easily.

Oral Trial rooms

With a successful implementation of acoustic optimization, discrete digital microphones and audiovisual information systems, these rooms can be the creators of the new face of government in a society that demands full disclosure and transparency.


A meeting space is the focal point of internal building communication. This is the place where executives and employees expose projects and results to colleagues. A well designed boardroom needs to have last generation displays, audio systems and video quality, with a projector and screen, audio quality, table or ceiling microphones, wired and wireless interfaces that allow connection to all types of laptops, tablets or smartphones with the purpose of sharing all kinds of files.

War Rooms

Decision making is a matter of privileged and immediate information. An integrated system provides that and more. Access to video cameras in a city or in various regions of the country, telepresence with security or logistics staff, audio conferences on conventional phones, IP or cellular networks. Total control via touch screens and real-time information visualization that flows through modern displays.