Hotels usually have vanguard concepts of entertainment and comfort and have success making technology work by their side. Even if it is a small Bed & Breakfast, a boutique Hotel or a Grand Resort. Now it is possible to deliver a new life through technology; with sophisticated audio, lighting, shades and temperature control systems and various streaming platforms for entertainment in each room.



Distributed audio

Music is one of the emotions that people remember most about travels. To set and relate a specific sound to a hotel means to impregnate the hotel mark in the ears of its guests. To achieve this, it is necessary to run a powerful and robust system of tens or hundreds of speakers distributed in all the areas of the hotel. Getting it right means the conscientiously development of a customized project.

Hotel Room automation

The deployment of simple automation systems enables to deliver a new experience to all guests. Touchscreens facilitate the operation of lights, air conditioning and even TV and music that could come from streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, and Netflix etc. Needless to say, the quality of the audio and displays determines the impact experienced by users.

Social Rooms

Whether for a wedding or the annual meeting of a multinational corporation, newest audiovisual systems are required. For this type of spaces the implementation of high-speed networks is also recommended, various types of analog and digital connectivity, projection system access and acoustic optimization. All these, for the collaboration to happen, for reasons of entertainment or productivity.

Lighting control

Today, technology generates huge energy savings like never imagined. LED luminaires combined with digital processors to control lighting, enable dim lighting between 100 and up to 1%. If we add the automatic system response to an events calendar and the solar calendar, we could get a comfortable and productive lighting without energy waste.

Temperature control

A hotel receives guests from all over the world, each of them with different habits and manners. This fact exists in the need of having proper temperature. Smart thermostats connected to an automation system enable to monitor the temperature of each hotel and living room, in order to offer a comfort feeling and maximizing energy savings.


Ensuring that everything works in a hotel is a must. Maintenance managers should make sure that all security cameras operate properly, the restricted access operate regularly and entertainment system for lobbies, restaurants and lounges deliver audio and video quality. Absolute peace of mind.


A good lighting control system generates significant savings. Now imagine what a blind system can achieve. Blinds and motorized curtains that respond to weather and light conditions can generate enjoyable, aesthetic and comfortable spaces, and also reduce hotel energy consumption.

Audio Streaming

A good music streaming system is essential in a hotel that should offer music and sound according to each common or private area. Today there are very specialized streaming services (business level) that offer quality music with no public reproduction restrictions.