Our learning department is responsible for establishing programs and managing knowledge according to the needs of each business unit that is part of Gme Electronics. Multimedia, as a business unit, counts with different training programs as well as events in which our team can be constantly trained and updated.

Main goal

Increase the knowledge of personnel working in Multimedia, developing training courses through a structured process.

Learning Department functions:

  • Establish programs
  • Offer courses and look for instructors
  • Manage information related to the courses and training plans
  • Establish job profiles and descriptions in conjunction with HR department



Knowledge and certifications gain through recognized brands and global institutions.

Human skills

Expand the potential of Multimedia vacancies as a business unit and the knowledge of those who are already part of the team.


Expand knowledge on the products we work with to integrate our solutions and develop our projects.

How do we offer courses?

  • Face to face
  • Online
  • Virtual

In Multimedia we are committed, not only in the updating and constant training of our team, but we are interested in “evolution”; Always be prepared for what is, and were always anticipating for what is coming on the industry and technology.

of trainings per year for InfoComm CTS Certifications
of training per year for CEDIA ESC Certifications
certified engineers for InfoComm
certified engineers for CEDIA