The creation of a modern home, now known as smart home or multimedia home, goes through new concepts such as sustainability, connectivity and intelligence. The Combination of cutting-edge technology enables to generate comfortable, efficient and safe spaces.

It is with this perspective that wired and wireless robust networks become the core of home communications. This is an infrastructure through which different systems pass: Audio and video distributed systems, streaming services, the fantasy of home theater, the magic of lighting control, operation of blinds and curtains, security cameras monitoring and CCTV control, locks control and many systems that have to do with maintenance and energy savings at the home.



People used to say that home is made up of human warmth, but technology also helps. How about an electric fireplace controlled from the iPad? A water fountain that lets water run when outside temperature reaches 20 degrees? Lights that change color when rain comes? Gates that open automatically when the car approaches the house and generate a light path to the house door? Smart locks that open and close with the proximity of an iPhone? All this and more can be possible with a Smart Home.


The integrated automation concept enables the complete control of all electronic systems connected at home: lighting, blinds, access control, audiovisual entertainment, energy, security etc. A smart and automated home must automatically respond to the habits and customs of its residents and be a factor of comfort and high appreciation.


Entertainment is no longer limited to one room. Now it is possible to have streaming services on demand in all rooms of the house; We can do the same with unlimited music in all the spaces of our home, so it is possible to enjoy all kinds of music, from different audio sources; CDs, satellite radio, music streaming services like Spotify or Deezer, the iTunes music library, etc. Control is the simplest thanks to a graphical interface installed on any smartphone or Tablet.

Home Theater

Nothing like enjoying the comfort of a home theater room. Residential technology allows to match or even exceed the emotional experience obtained in a commercial movie theater. It is possible to get images of hundreds of inches in latest generation technology screens that display the generated signal through a beautiful UHD 4K resolution projector. The sound is produced by 5, 7, 9, 11 or more speakers and 1, 2 or 4 subwoofers that receive power from a receiver or powerful amplifiers. All controlled from an iPad or a beautiful touchscreen. A home theater won’t be complete without spacious and comfortable seats, so after technology, there is just one more thing to enjoy: The magic of the seventh art.


Ahora es posible que los usuarios puedan controlar la tecnología de su hogar desde internet, desde cualquier navegador web en una laptop, una app en smartphones. Esto favorece el monitoreo de los sistemas y la observación continua del estatus del hogar, desde cualquier lugar y a cualquier hora. Además, permite que un integrador profesional pueda resolver problemas a la distancia, sin la necesidad de molestar a sus clientes.


Los nuevos equipos de control de temperatura HVAC tienen controles digitales e interfaces muy fáciles de integrar a una plataforma de automatización. Existen nuevos termostatos que pueden ser visualizados y manipulados mediante escenas preestablecidas por el reloj astronómico o por pronósticos del tiempo, o claro está, por termómetros en sitio. El control de temperatura está disponible a través de cualquier dispositivo móvil o desde una pantalla táctil de marcas como Crestron.


Networking is the home brain. A true connected house depends on a well – planned Ethernet network and a robust and secure Wi-Fi wireless network. Security services, comfort, control and entertainment pass throughout them. Reason why it is up to an expert to design networks that meet the latest standards in speed and reliability.

AV Streaming

Demand streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Claro Video, and Amazon Prime are some of the services that are invading the rooms and home theaters in the world. At the same time, streaming music services such as Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer are revolutionizing the music industry. People want and need the infrastructure to make the most out of audiovisual streaming, which can be displayed on any mobile device -smartphone, tablet, laptop, streamers or Smart TVs- without time or space restrictions.


Inside a house, the idea of security has to do with access control in doors and gates, alarm systems to protect windows, terraces or gardens, a complete ecosystem of opening sensors or glass breakage. It is also important to have a good security camera infrastructure, data storage servers and a transparent communication with the alarm companies.